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This post is a bit special and different from the others.

Speak about the experience of a good day with some ruminations about the place where I was born, where I work and where I am culturally ... an admirable place for so much manufacturing!

MOTOR VALLEY, but not only ...

I am writing about the manufacturing conference to which I was invited by ONE TEAM, which organized the meeting at the convention hall of the Ferrari museum in Maranello.


The topics were really many and all with an intense approach to the future, to the

new horizons of manufacturing, to new technologies and operational tools, always with an in-depth 360° analysis of the impacts on the planet and on our economic, technological and manufacturing industrial culture.

In particular, I greatly appreciated the presentation of all those software tools, devices, born and which are constantly improving to facilitate our work, to make it more productive and qualitative, also by improving the level of social interaction and always considering, in all aspects, the positive and negative impacts on our planet.


A specific topic to which I have paid particular attention concerns the

big importance of data

an aspect in which I have always been interested and in which

human reality is increasingly implicated.

The new technologies related to virtual reality now allow you to perform

360° commissioning in virtual mode!


I found the conference very interesting and purely connected with my profession, from the point of view of the activities I propose. In aspects related to

Project Management and Engineering for industry

A territory in which I have been operating for the past 20 years.


Was I forgetting?


The conference concluded with a

welcome guided tour of the Ferrari Museum

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