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This particular trolley has the function of housing pre-assembled wheel kits. It can be towed, even in series.

Total load: 150 kg

A peculiarity of the design was to reduce the dimensions as much as possible due to space requirements. This involved a careful analysis of the dynamic conditions, in particular the load centers and the possibility of overturning during towing, routes and curves.

For this purpose, the minimum curve radii were calculated based on the towing speeds, also considering the maximum slope of the pavement and all limits to avoid overturning, making all verifications.

Here, you can download complete calculations:

275.22_Verifica ribaltamento trasversale
Scarica PDF • 540KB

Another condition was that the wheels had to be positioned in an orderly manner avoiding scratches on the parts of assemblies.

For this purpose, a special container has been designed with an integral soft plasticization treatment.


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