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This is a special machine specially designed for a prestigious customer who needs to manipulate molds for automotive sporting fairings.

The machine consists of two trolleys with a synchronous lifting system controlled by inverters, transducers and PLC.

The system is controlled with a manual controller via cable.

The control during the excursion takes place both during the ascent and during the descent.

It is also possible the rotation of loads, manually using handwheel or by integrating a motorization dedicated to rotation into the system.

Various tools are available for connecting additionals molds.

The fast coupling takes place in a simple way by means of a torsion spindle shaft and a driven shaft.

The system is quite practical since the rotation axis is on oscillating supports.

Important note:

During the descent the load is released from the vertical excursion system in order to avoid breakage of the load when it rests on the support.


Technical data

Elevation range


Minimum axis height

91 cm

Load Capacity

500 kg

Elevation speed

1 mt/min (max load)

Height positioning deviation

+/- 2mm

Max torque for rotation

500 Nm

Power supply

230V - 0,9kW

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